Why Why? Why Not? Why Knowing YOUR Why really matters.

Do you know your why?

Do you deeply know your why?

Do you know why you do what you do on a daily basis?

Do you now why you get up in the morning, and go to work?

Or do you know why you run the business you run?

Do you know why you hustle?

Do you know why you don’t hustle?

Do you know what drives you to experience, to connect, to love, to live? Have you allowed yourself to enjoy your experience?

I wonder if you know why... or why not.

Is your WHY even Yours?

If you do know your why, is it YOUR why? Does your why align with what YOU want? Or have you chosen to integrate the whys of those around you? Are you living a life that fulfils you daily and that allows your true essence and passion to thrive? Or are you living your days in the pursuit of what everyone else has taught you equates to happiness?

I’ve heard it before. In fact, I’ve been through it more than once. What should my why be? I kept hearing that in business, your why is the most important thing. It didn't help me. All it was doing was building in me a belief that if I didn’t find my burning and powerful why, I was going to fail in business. But wait... So WHY did I want to succeed in business?

Too often, we externalise our why in the search for logic, significance, and even acceptance. In business, I felt that if I said, "This is my why," then people would think I know my why and that would mean that I could be successful. What if everyone was living in that same flawed premise? Our true why is completely internal - how can it be anything else?

What our Real Why gives us

Your why is your purpose. It is your reason for existing, not your reason for doing some action. In our greatest internal desires, passions, and dedications, we find our true purpose. Your true why is inevitably linked to your personal passion, so the question is, what is your passion? Are you living it or are you living someone else’s why?

Only when we know our internal why and acknowledge our true internal directional compass towards the path of least resistance can we begin to allow our why to affect the external. Instead of finding your why in the external, find it in the internal so that you may inspire the external. Seek not external motivation, rather, be the internal inspiration that radiates out to change the world.

Your true why is the depth of your being in this human body having this human experience and I would argue that we all have the same purpose and, therefore, the same why. Why do I do what I do? To feel better. To feel joy. To feel good. My deepest ultimate purpose is to enjoy this experience of life. Think about it for a moment - isn’t everything we do in the desire to FEEL something better?

How to Connect with your Real Why

In the push to work out our why, we are in the space of external hustle. Many of us learned that this is the only way to achieve - push, fight, effort, hustle. In contrast, our internal why is already set in place so the notion that we have to find it is simply a barrier of further resistance. Let go of the need to know your why and allow it to show itself.

Observe the contrast in your NOT why. Notice the external why that perhaps you choose to live, right now, and begin to explore how you feel about that. Are you reaching for the better feeling or have you chosen to sit in a why that is safe and protects you from judgement? The contrast of not feeling good is our sign of what our internal knows WOULD and does feel good.

For me, when I worked full time, others assumed I was doing well. In business for myself, there was the constant questioning of if I was okay. Isn’t it interesting that in following my internal why, others projected their own fears and I dare say, there own fear of allowing themselves to be true to their internal why. It’s about feeling, not thinking.

Live YOUR True I-Am-Ness

It is time for us to stop living based on external expectation and what we were taught by those that were taught the same thing. We all have an internal why, our true purpose, and for each of us, it is simply that which will allow ourselves to embrace to live this life with absolute joy. Follow your passion. Allow yourself to get out of the way and your internal why will show itself. Notice the contrast and seek out the better feeling thought to align with who you were always meant to be before the world told you, you couldn’t. Embrace your I-Am-Ness and embrace your true why. Enjoy your experience and be the inspiration the world is waiting for.

Below is a short four minute video that gives you three great questions to ask yourself to tap into your genius/passion zone. When you know what lights you up and what you WANT, you are one step closer to embracing your true why.

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