Write a Book - Okay. About What?

You are here because YOU want to write - be it a book, content, articles, or becoming a career writer etc. You want to use the written word to create compelling connections. Maybe you want to write fiction. Maybe you want to write nonfiction. Maybe, you, like me, want to do BOTH.

Developing your skills with the written word will help you to create compelling connections, be it in fiction or nonfiction. The art of writing has many levels of complexity that most do not realise. It makes sense, right? We don't know what we don't know and like ANY profession, we only know the surface until we dig into the juicy flesh of complexity.

One of the main excuses I hear for someone NOT writing is, "I don't know what to write about." It's such an interesting excuse as it really comes back to underdeveloped skills around how to define shareable knowledge and a severe lack of structure.

Before we continue, let me ask you this: Do you WANT to write, or do you want to want to? I wish I could want to go to the gym ever day. But I don't really want to, so I don't. I DO want to write every day, so I do. Do not read on until you KNOW if you want to, or just want to want to. It will make a huge difference in your ability to absorb what I am about to share with you. Oh, and be okay with your response. Be okay with where you are at, right now.

Okay, so you DO want to write. I wonder, have you ever heard yourself utter those words: "I don't know what to write about"?

I'm going to share with your three quick considerations that show that you have SO MUCH you can write about, right now.

1. You know more than you think.

Consider your:

* Experience

* Passion

* Life

These are three areas you know more about than 99.99% or 100% even of the world. No-one else KNOWS your thought, feelings, or internal experience. It is not about the EXTERNAL experience, but rather, our internal interpretation. How much can you TALK about a topic?

2. Ideas are everywhere.

Consider your 3 most prominent:

* Enjoyable experiences

* Painful experiences

* Interesting interactions with others

A word can prompt an idea. EVERY book, article, blog, poem, story, etc started with nothing more than an idea. The greatest tree began as a single seed. As every tree is different, so too is that which you will create from a single idea. "This idea has been done before!" So?

3. Always have 25 ideas in the back pocket:

* List 5 areas of interest or knowledge

* For each, list 5 subjects of interest or knowledge

* Focus on writing ONE at a time

This one is GREAT for any type of writing from books to content. You may be simply creating a meme a week. Use this method and you will have 25 weeks ready to go.

I trust this has allowed you to begin to open your mind to the potential of all that you know and all you can share, right now.

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