BE Inspired and BE Inspirational!

Yesterday, I was inspired by my mentor.

He guided me through a situation that really, for me, brought to the forefront my real purpose, and that is:

To be inspired and

to inspire others.

We change ourselves through finding our TRUE selves (and we are the only person we CAN truly change) and we change the world by inspiring others through our actions. Who did I inspire yesterday? I'm not sure. But I know that yesterday, I took inspired action so I know I inspired someone! We don't need do know WHO we inspired because if we take inspired action every day, we are simply passing on the inspirational flow to whoever is receptive. My 'inspirational' realisation came from being totally UN-inspired and unpacking a strong reaction to 'external input'. I've discovered that in the face of UN-inspiration (totally a word, now) I step up to the challenge to inspire myself and in doing so, I know a little more about the deepest ME and who I AM at core. I'm so damn grateful for this learning!

Be grateful for the moments of challenge

- the real truth of you is about to be discovered

- if you allow yourself to BE discovered.

I knew, at the deepest and most honest level, that my REACTION was simply a representation of the misalignment with (and a challenge of) my filters, beliefs, standards, values, and expectations. AND, I knew, at the deepest level, that I was simply manifesting not only a reflection of my own current state of energetic output, I was also manifesting a challenge based on new levels of thought. It is that moment after transformational coaching^ where whatever shifted comes to find you to test what you are going to do, now that all the protective filters are pushed aside! If you have not yet experienced transformational coaching, I highly recommend it. It's the fastest path to finding that TRUE self! Feel free to contact me - I know a few coaches!

Here's the thing, no-one is "right", no-one is "wrong". And none of that matters. There is learning, growth, and WISDOM available in everything, internal and external, aligned or not. And there is INSPIRATION in alignment! Can I say, inspiration IS alignment? Hmmm, yes, that feels aligned to me. :D

So, BE Inspired to be GREAT, and Inspired GREATNESS in the World!

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