Book Structuring Session
  • Book Structuring Session

    Half day Book Structuring Session


    In this session, we will map out the entire structure of your book with a consideration of your audience, message, purpose, benchmarks, etc. 


    At the end of our session together, you will have a completed BEAT SHEET (the heart of your book structure) and if time permits, a finished book skeleton ready to be fleshed out. 


    What will we do for half a day?


    • Review your SPINE for clarity on your message, audience, purpose, intentions, etc
    • Braindump your ideas, inclusions, and formats
    • Create the BEAT SHEET together with all determined preamble, value, and wrap-up elements
    • Create the SKELETON together (if time permits) down to the smallest chunk needed (potentially down to sentence focus)^


    It is recommended you complete SPINE and watch all CONSTRUCT training videos before booking this session to allow us the time to complete your full skeleton together. If we do not have time to complete this, you may book another Book Structuring Session or finish the skeleton yourself. 


    When creating the skeleton, we'll break it down to a level you are comfortable with to allow certainty without hindering intuition. 


    • How to Book

      Once your payment has cleared, we'll send you a link to our calendar booking service within 48 hours.


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