DnD Backstory

Pre-Made and Custom

"Thanks for joining me and welcome to the Tavern. Have a wander and see if there is a character you would love to adopt - or perhaps, a few!

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  • Eg/ Lilbys is a Female Gnome Warlock with a charlatan background. They were born in the Swamp isolated dwelling of Clare View Point to a criminal family. As a young adult, they experienced a bereaved enemy. They are Well-read and Unhurried, but Disturbing. Their goal in life is to Reach perfection. Their strongest attributes are Charisma and Constitution.


This level provides the player a general character overview.

Suitable for quick starts, one-shots, NPCs, starter characters.


  • Pre-Adoption description

  • Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma rolled and allocated stats

  • Three life events - up to 100 words each

  • Adoption Certificate

  • Character image

With Advantage

This level provides the player a general character overview plus life event descriptions and photos.

Suitable for campaigns, character backstories, character exploration, and DM requested characters.


Everything in the lower options plus:

  • Two more life events

  • One personal item

  • Character image

  • 1 Character Black and White image

  • 1 Character transparency

  • Up to to 2000 words story or essay written BY the character

Critical Hit

This level is for the serious gamer with a character profile, backstory, NPCs and a character written story!

Suitable for campaigns, deep character exploration, story progression, the serious gamer.


Brand Images provided by Thin Black Cat Media
Character images created by Karen McTackett with Hero Machine and provided to the adopting player with FULL COPYRIGHT
No refunds available due to intellectual property and copyright
Please provide the CORRECT email address - no refunds for incorrect delivery due to customer error
Please note timeframe for all fulfilments