DnD Backstory

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"Hi, I’m Henry. I’m a human and I’m a Wizard, I’m not a Master yet, but I’m learning. I love adventure; exploring dungeons and battling dragons. Last week I even defeated a Redcat, all by myself! I’m sure my Wisdom increased. At least, I think it did. Perhaps I would be more certain if I was more intelligent. And if I had better dexterity, I may not have taken so many hit points."

Anyway, when I am not honing my skills and exploring the lands, I work at the DnD Tavern and Training Grounds. It’s a great place to work and I meet so many interesting characters. Let me show you around. Here is a map of our little home away from home for DnD Characters.
















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Out past the stoney walls of the tavern, you will see the Training Grounds. If you peak across the field, you may see some of our guests. The Training Grounds is for characters that have a player but… well, haven’t told their player much about themselves. We get all kind of characters here from those with just a name and race know, to those that know their stats but have not yet revealed their backstory. We invite you to check in your character at one of our weekend intensives where we will put them through psychological assessment and physical aptitude testing. Once we have completed their interrogation... I mean… training, we’ll provide you with their assessment.



Click here to visit the Training Grounds now



The DnD Tavern is not your typical tavern. No sir! The DnD Tavern is an Adoption Tavern. We have a lot of interestingahhh… people… here. We invite all races and classes to join us, we don’t discriminate. But there is something unique about our patrons - they don’t have a player! Here at the DnD Tavern, we love to connect characters with players. Oh, and some of our characters have become quite attached so would prefer to leave together - we recommend experienced players and Dungeon Masters chat with these groups.

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