1. BLOCK OUT 1.5 HOURS:  Make sure that you block out a full 1.5 hours for the webinar in your calendar. It's a good idea to put a sticky note on your computer or set an alarm reminder.


2. SHOW UP EARLY:  There will be no recordings so make sure that you attend live and show up at least 5-minutes early. The software we use has an attendee limit and with thousands registering, we'll fill up fast.


3. USE A DESKTOP COMPUTER:  Make sure that you attend the webinar using your LAPTOP or DESKTOP computer. The webinar system we use doesn't behave well with mobile so using a computer will dramatically improve your experience and allow you to learn more.


4. GET THE WORKBOOK ON THE WEBINAR:  The free workbook will be handed out to all attendees of the webinar. Make sure you show up on time to get your free copy.


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Karen McTackett - How To Build Instant Credibility!



                      Wednesday, 07 February, 2018, 7:30 pm

                       Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, GMT +11



  • Sam Ovens

    Sam Ovens is one of the top consulting trainers in the world. Sam started his consulting business from nothing out of his parents garage in New Zealand and in three short years grew it to over $5 million dollars.
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