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Karen McTackett

Karen McTackett

Author of:

The Write Now Series

  • Write Now: Your Business Demands it

  • 10 Minute Author

  • Critical Friends

  • Bye Bye Writer's Block


Also by Karen McTackett:

  • The Human Concept: The Science of Awareness

  • Say No and Be Okay With It

  • Un-Hustle: The Conscience Art of Allowing

  • Path to Purpose

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You want to know about lil' ole' me?  Well, okay then!


Let me start by saying that this portfolio was created specifically to showcase my nonfiction works and to share with you lots of great content around writing and writing mindset through different media representations.


As a student of Swinburne Univerity of Technology, in their Bachelor of Media and Communication program, I was prompted to create this to showcase my growth in media studies. This has become one of those brilliant alignments and two birds, one stone things... although why anyone would want to kill a bird with a stone, let alone two, is beyond me. Unless of course... they were robot birds and they were part of the AI apocalyptic takeover...


I'm a writer, yes, but being a writer is so much more than learning how to put wordstogether and how to speel! ;)  You see, every writer is unique because of our distinctly unique accumulation of experiences (because you know, we are humans - well, most of us).


So what's my unique experience? What makes ME the human and writer that I am?


My whole life! Okay, let's start a little smaller than that.


I love telling stories, connecting with characters, and playing with genres, but I'm also a huge science-nerd and a dedicated trainer. I wasn't content with just living one of my passions, so I play in all of them:




  • Master of Arts (Writing)

  • 4 Published non-fiction book

  • 4 pre-published nonfiction books

  • Fifteen Fiction books published under Porle Joen

  • Several Fiction and nonfiction books due in 2019



  • TAE Cert IV

  • 10+ years of experience in workplace training

  • Workshop facilitator

  • Creator of the SCRAWLS Methodology for writing

  • Founder of Academy - The Driving School for Writers

  • Creator of the Write Now program

  • Currently studying Bachelor of Media and Communications

  • Manager of the Write Now Community Hub



  • Grad. Dip. Astronomy

  • BSc Hons 2.1 (Geology)

  • Manager of Off The Planet Facebook Group

  • Published the Human Concept: The Science of Awareness (TCK 2019 Book of the Year Nominee)



When I'm not writing, or learning and studying, I'm teaching others how to write through Academy and the Write Now Program. This was a common conversation:


Not me: What do you do?

Me: I'm a writer

Not me: Oh wow, are you published?

Me: Yes, I've published a few books

Not me: I'd love to write a book but.... (insert convenient inconvenience)


If you would REALLY love to write a book, learn how, and do it! This is why I created Academy and specifically the WRITE NOW Program and the SCRAWLS methodology. You can find out more about it HERE.  

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